Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hillary Clinton trashes whiners - Kevin Robillard -


Hillary Clinton trashes whiners

Wow! Talk about full circles.  The woman, who confessed she didn’t bake cookies for the school bake sale, calls women whiners who express difficulties trying to balance home and career.  Of course, this is with the backdrop of the Obama campaign putting Mitt Romney down for looking at the binder of resumes of women who he could bring into his administration.

Hillary, in a very big example, demonstrates the problem women have in the workplace with other women. They can bring a lot of stress with their judgmental attitudes of how other women should conduct themselves.  Women judge other women very harshly, instead of helping them to figure out how to balance their acts. When a women with family and work is perceived to have endless choices, people think they should choose “all the above” and deal with it, which is the problem.

Hillary Clinton trashes whiners - Kevin Robillard -

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