The Climate Change Hoax

Some Web Resources In Pursuit of Truth Regarding Climate Change

Before you get into the politically motivated subject of global warming, you should check out another beautiful California day, whether rain or shine.  Visit the Mount Hamilton Lick Observatory web cam page at  as it is totally worth the time.

  1. Ten Myths of Global Warming
  2. Smart people don't believe in Global Warming Hoax
  3. These people think that we should make the hoax a serious religious subject which adherence to their way of thinking should be  related to the measure of the state of one's soul, never mind their truth is in a state of legitimate question.  You can find an interesting conversation about the conflict of the subject of population control advocated by many in the alliance of groups trying to make this a religious issue, but having to dance on eggshells with the Catholic community stance on contraception and abortions.  I would suggest that this controversey should be a clue to Catholics that this is really an attempt to pin man against their religious beliefs especially trusting that God will provide through His creation as He promised.
  4. Scandals

A.    On the Right:  Heartland which as described in the article seems to say some people want to put the word out that there is another point of view and some people and companies support them.
B.    On the Left-East Anglia Climategate:





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