No Sulfite Zone

Once you figure out that you can not tolerate sulfites, you can start the business of finding out how to eliminate them and find a diet that works.  Of course, if you have multiple food allergies, you may have to accommodate the avoidance of  those also. Hope this helps make the searching a bit easier.
Subject Location Notes
A Sulfite Food List Good idea to keep a list handy especially when shopping.
How Citric Acid Is Made Notice how sulfate is used in the process and why citric acid should be avoided.
The Best Book on the Subject on the Internet This book explains so much and it you are more sensitive to sulfites than others, you want to read this.
Some Beginning Suggestions for Safe Menus Unfortunately, I have to avoid eggs and dairy.
Some interesting ideas that may be useful Can’t help to consider it. Does not seem to apply to me as I am sulfate sensitive also.
An On Line Database for Your Custom Allergy and Food Sensitive Needs This is quite helpful and you can find recipes for that friend you want to fix dinner for.