Wednesday, July 11, 2012

America Magazine Church Loyalty Oaths Revisited

America Magazine Church Loyalty Oaths Revisited

Once again, I stumbled upon more info about the hot issues in my backyard in the fishwrap of America Magazine on line. While Fr. Coleman sees that such oaths may be attacked from the politically historical experience of McCarthyism, I find that a Bishop that administers such an oath may do the faithful a great service as I posted under my quiddity2001 comment:
Being a parishioner residing in the Diocese of San Jose, I find the idea of a loyalty oath put forward by a Bishop for those who will act under his authority a refreshing idea. It informs the members of the diocese
1) what the Bishop feels is necessary to state the the faithful where he feels the emphasis of the teaching and practice of the faith
2) makes it clear that those especially involved in catechesis will be expected to teach with bright lines or have reason to be dismissed

 The article is worth reading as it discusses the current situations in the Dioceses of Oakland and Santa Rosa.  I would definitely bookmark because it does giving timely articles regarding the Church in Northern California, regardless of the point of view of its looseness or firmness towards orthodoxy.

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