Thursday, July 19, 2012

About All That Texting Going On Around Us


The Trouble with iComm « Undecided

The article above brings many points to consider about the effect of texting in the arena of our high school, college and younger adult worlds.  Perhaps, texting is a shelter from the hooking up culture, where relationships are brought back a conversational arena that is safer and more controlled. As the photo shows in the blog post,texting is the acceptable recreational form of the day.  It is interesting how traditional male and female courting/dating behaviors seem to be inserting themselves back into the game. 

The blog brings out the sobering point that our youth have a difficult time of dealing with social interaction outside their peer group.  Here is where I believe something can be learned from the homeschool culture.  Parents and educators need to find frequent opportunities in day to day life to have their children interact with just more than their artificially age-defined peer group. They need to learn how to find mentors in areas of interest and ask questions about those subjects that interest them. They need to learn to observe the social graces of knowing who is in the room sitting near to them and putting down the texting device to have a pleasant exchange. They may then learn to text less and communicate more.

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