Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Good to see the wicked speaker is leaving, but the joy is not here in California, otherwise.

Now, California Republicans need to finally step away from the idea of a retail political solution-where a rich, but unconnected, newly introduced Republican fitting the correct profile- is retired.  The “dream” women” ticket failed.  Will they stick around and try to help the party build?  California needs to reeducate house to house with a clear message.  Our old stalwarts put in place during the time of Reagan have disappeared and we have generations that do not really remember him and his influence has disappeared from our educational system.  Now we have Moonbeam who most likely will again be branded with that name as he has not changed his stripes.  The question is whether California can survive this mistake self-inflicted last night. 

Our Democrat brothers and sisters will now own the damage they will inflict.  Republicans need to prepare for the next election.  Hopefully, we can bear the suffering.  It will be interesting to see how the new gerrymandering will occur. 

One final thought, the loss in California is also a reflection of the effect of the state of the religious culture in California.  The Catholics of California are not well-formed and they have swallowed the poisonous ideas of moral relativism starting with the idea that life issues can be mitigated by other social justice issues.  The Church is under attack, but the Catholic in the pew does not seem to be aware of it and the need to defend the Church.  Are we surprised about this…the answer should be NO considering the poor state of our Catholic schools that are not much different from the public schools.  The Bishops should sit up and take notice.  The USCCB (and the CCHD) will probably go in the other direction because they have lost a group they were quite fond of…Catholic Democrats in Congress.


  1. ***BREAKING NEWS***

    CCHD Praised a Grantee Involved in Pro-Abortion, Pro-Homosexual Coalitions and Networks in its “Renewal” Document Where it Promised NOT to Fund Such Groups!!!

  2. The USCCB has to really take a long look at this and decide do they want to be credible or do they want to be seen as hypocritical. That is the bottom line.