Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Judge Recommendations for Upcoming California Ballot

I received these in an email and the recommendations are from a source in a local Eagle Forum group.



The following ballot recommendations for judges come from the California Eagle Forum in Santa Rosa.  For future elections, make a note that www.judgevoterguide.com is a helpful site you can use.

Supreme Court:

Chief Justice - Tani G. Cantil-Sakauye: YES   She was appointed to the Municipal Court by Deukmejian, the Superior Court by Pete Wilson and the Appellate Court by Schwarzenegger. She is opposed by the Green Party.

Associate Justice - Ming W. Chin: YES

Appointed by Governor Pete Wilson in 1996 and retained by voters in 1998 by 69%.  Known as a conservative judge; has always ruled correctly supporting Prop 22 and Prop 8.

Associate Justice - Carlos R. Moreno: NO

He is one of the judges who struck down Prop 22 and voted to do the same to Prop 8.  He voted in favor of tougher gun control, and voted against Prop 21, tougher penalties on gang related crime. 

Court of Appeal, District 1, Division 1:
Associate Justice - Kathleen M. Banke YES  Appointed to the Appellate Court in 2009 by Schwarzenegger, and proudly states that she is a Republican. She is from Livermore.  

Associate Justice - Robert L. Dondero: YES  Appointed by Schwarzenegger at the same time as Banke.  He also is not afraid to state that he is a Republican (even though he lives in San Francisco)

Court of Appeal, District 1, Division 2:

Associate Justice - James R. Lambden: YES  Appointed by Governor Pete Wilson in 1996 and voted in by the people in 1998 by 74% of the Vote.

Court of Appeal, District 1, Division 3:

Associate Justice - Martin J. Jenkins: YES  Appointed in 2008 by Schwarzenegger.  As a District Judge in 2007, he threw out a suit by Attorney General Jerry Brown's seeking to hold automakers responsibl e for global warming.  On that decision alone, he deserves to be elected.

Associate Justice - Peter J. Siggins: YES     Appointed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to the Appellate Court in  2005.  He  later became  the  legal  affairs  se cretary and  interim chief of staff to Schwarzenegger.                                                                                                                                


  1. Thanks for the Conservative point of view... I can just vote opposite!

  2. do you filter the comments?

  3. Thanks for the recommendations.

  4. I glad I can inform voters and I am glad that Anonymous #1 found the recommendation as useful. Hope that person never has to rely on a judge for anything seriously affecting their life.
    I filter comments only for obscenities, but not disagreement. Many of my readers read, but are too shy to post (I get emails).