Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ruth Institute Blog » The More the Merrier?

Ruth Institute Blog » The More the Merrier?: "The More the Merrier?" Now how will this play out? Will we have to embrace this diversity, provide welcoming environments and embrace the serial monogamy in polygamy? Will there be a document "Always our Families"? Could this be a new and creative answer for families in lieu of divorce...the next step to a communal family with multiple sex partners pooling their resources to raise the children? Just a question, but in this day and age, a fair one.
Oh but you say, I jest. No, here the Ruthblog post says my cynacism is actually a reality:
Advocates of polygamy and polyamory seem to have an ally in the Law Commission of Canada, a statutory body of government appointees who propose changes to modernize Canadian law and report to the Justice Ministry. In 2001, the Commission issued a report, Beyond Conjugality: Recognizing and Supporting Close Personal Adult Relationships, that questioned the continuing illegality of consensual polygamy in Canada(bold type face my addition).

The assault on the family in our society today has its roots in the Reformation with the widespread acceptance of divorce followed with remarriage, followed by contraception including abortion, cohabitation outside of marriage, acceptance homosexuality as an acceptable moral life choice and now we are traveling onto a dangerous road to polygamy. The saddest period at the end of this sentence can only be lowering the age of consent and the widespread abuse of children. Perhaps we are already there in that we allow them to use contraception and obtain abortions at young ages even if they have an early onset of puberty.
All those good intentions paving the road to hell.

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