Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rove: The Soroest Loser of All-

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Karl Rove lost it last night with the tea party victory in Delaware. Rove outed himself as one of those Kingmaker types that Phyllis Schlafly talked about in her book, A Choice Not an Echo The amazing thing is that he back a candidate that is backed by a George Soros group as discussed in this Michelle Makin post . Soros is known for disliking conservative, prolife Republicans and a heavy backer of Democrats in the last Presidential election. Of course, the Roves of the party backed the perennial weak candidate McCain, who underestimated the capabilities of prolife, mother and Governor, Sarah Palin.
Now they are really out for blood viciously attacking conservative women candidates, something they never did to the abortion supporting women of the Republican left and Democrat prochoice supporters. What a shock it was to Sean Hannity! It will be interesting to see what GW Bush will say about Rove's attacks. After all, Laura Bush is OK now that she makes it clear she supports abortion and homosexual marriage. Now the world is getting a taste for what prolife Republican women have had to endure while fighting the good fight. Rove was a disaster for California conservatives always backing the chatter that a conservative could not win in California and those in his state of mind made sure to raise money in California, but not send help. Remember the Bill Simon race?
From a SF Gate article to refresh your memory:

Plenty of big-name Republicans signed on. People close to President Bush, including his top political adviser, Karl Rove, and Gerald Parsky, Bush's man in California, urged Riordan to get into the race. Most of the state's congressional delegation, including some of its most conservative members, also backed Riordan. Read more:
Rove loves the east coast left-leaning Republican game. Bush was the worst thing that happened to the conservative movement of the party, which is why I never want to see another one of them run for president in my life…not unless they reject the family legacy when it comes to party politics. The tea party express is that kind of grassroots movement that Reagan effectively rallied and we can thank Sal Russo (Simon's manager-nemesis to Rove) for giving us "choices and not echoes".
Rove exposed himself for who he really is: a RINO operative.

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