Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Money of Fools - HUMAN EVENTS

The Money of Fools - HUMAN EVENTS As always, the brilliant economist Thomas Sowell nails the popular culture with rational thought. This time it is the phrase "social justice". Those community organizing groups that love the memory of Saul Alinsky jam this down the cultures throat in any venue and shut down the prudential discussion about how to bring more opportunity to the society at large in lieu of discussions about redistribution of limited opportunites brought on by their short-sided and ignorant view of the free market system. Who are these people, they are the political class that have come through the university systems that like a playbook political campaign, or clergy that like to feel good and loved because they care about the ubiquitous person they did not accutally have to serve, or had a meal to at the door waiting when they knocked and those who make groups with new ideas jump through impossible barriers in order to bring their ideas forward. They want people to trust the bureaucrat, not the next door neighbor.

Social justice groups that think we can even up the circumstances, some self-inflicted, some a result of family crisis, economic disaster by simply taking from one group and give it to another are deluded. The best way to solve a society's ills is to keep it's economy strong so that people will be employed and thus able to support the needs of their family and local community. The moment private charity must go through a bureaucratic program (government or private charity such as the CCHD) the direct impact of that charity will be depleted. The opportunity for power brokers will go up.

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