Saturday, September 11, 2010

Making Money from Municipal Waste

Making Money from Municipal Waste This is a great blog to bookmark if you really want to learn about public finance. Of course this latest post makes taxpayer activists like yours truly very sad.   Being a Cassandra is not a happy place, as people want to ignore the messenger. Nobody wanted to think about the day to deal with the consequences of risky public debt demanding payment and the money no longer there to pay for it. Time for the utopians to grow you can't have the yellow brick road nanny state that relieves you of the duties you are better suited to do. All the eduKation and social safety nets have huge holes and now the Make-it-So generation progeny are discovering it was all smoke and mirrors. One can only hope that they get a stiff does of free market realities and stop biting the hand that fed them.
The blog post mentions Half Moon Bay and San Jose....they are both in serious trouble.

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