Friday, August 6, 2010

j.linx: Jay Rosen on objectivity

j.linx: Jay Rosen on objectivity: "Jay Rosen on objectivity"

At last, from this j.linx blogspot, I have a definition of journalism from a professor of journalism at Santa Clara University, Barbara Kelley:
... Jay Rosen's take on what "objectivity" is all about. What it isn't about is lack of opinion and the I-word. Journalism, after all, is the process of editting and choosing. What you leave in, what you leave out, what questions you ask, what you cover, what you don't.
Objective journalism is a form of persuasion, he writes, and what it is really about is damn good reporting -- and a lot of disclosure

"Editting and choosing," a phrase that reminds me of the quote from G. K. Chesterton that points out that if a teacher is not teaching dogma, they are not teaching. So I guess the "editting and choosing" business is also dogmatic at its roots...which says the reader has the necessity to read with a discriminating eye and not accept journalism published by a big house with a blanket approval.

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