Thursday, May 20, 2010

Community Organizing for a Questionable Cause: Catholic Green Initiative Information for Parishes & Schools | Diocese of San Jose

Catholic Green Initiative Information for Parishes & Schools | Diocese of San Jose: "Catholic Green Initiative Information for Parishes & Schools"

Here is the campaign you can expect to be subjected to in the pew and at the local Catholic School in San Jose....too bad they are not engaged in presenting the whole controversey including intimidation of honest scientists. There would a great service be delivered to model how to properly study a question versus giving birth to a worthless venture that will in the end harm the poor as the price of energy will rise with the delivery of inefficient and expensive energy. This green agenda is dogmatic, but not a dogma we have to contribute towards or support in any matter as it does not appear to have an assurance of truthful reason given the shabbiness of the science. Once again, I would direct our friends of this local initiative to visit the petition webpage that lists many credible scientists who question the conclusions of the global warming theory advocates.

I wonder if they will show some balance in the diocese schools and underscore the tainted science that has been pushed as in the best of propaganda campaigns. Personally, I don't like subjecting children to be pons of an agenda to use them to change their parents' habits out of a desire to conform to the peer pressure, as that has been going on in the public schools for far too is a fun video they could use in the interest of fairness at least....Hide the Decline.

This next one is even more educational. I think the local campaign should really review the charts....

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