Sunday, May 23, 2010

The American Spectator : Comparing Apples and Orangutans

The American Spectator : Comparing Apples and Orangutans: "Comparing Apples and Orangutans
By John Droz, Jr. on 5.14.10 @ 6:07AM
One of the most important energy matters to understand is that popular 'renewable' electrical energy sources are not even remotely equivalent to our conventional energy sources."

Ideas have consequences and those in any position of power and influence have a moral responsibility to understand the issue from all perspectives and not rely on community organizing and other forms of mob pressure techniques. The fact is that renewable sources will cause a loss in jobs as the costs of energy will skyrocket due to the mandates and regulation put on business and consumers. America works because you can turn the lights on when it is necessary at an affordable cost--infrastructure demands this. Travel to Bangalore, India and you will understand what it is to HOPE the electricity will function when you need it. We should be exporting all our know how instead of trying to join the other parts of the world where substandard delivery of power is another problem in the day to deal with.

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