Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Liberty Counsel Review of the legislation HR3200.

Liberty Counsel Thought I would park this on the blog for a handy place to come and find the details. Phrases like affordable health care for all have consequences. I am reminded of a saying of the late Prof. Milton Friedman that said "poor programs designed for the poor make poor programs". In the end, we will marginalize the poor, handicapped, elderly, unborn, and any others not deemed as productive by rationing health care. The "culture of death" is the program front and center and this health care reform is the vehicle to make it seamless. Long, confusing bills leave plenty of wiggle room and plausible deniability for all the culprits known as "lawmakers". I think they should be called license givers because they are breaking the natural law rights guaranteed in the Constitution by their practice of consensus government and the lack of backbone in the courts to protect individual rights. Everything seems to get more cloudy.

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