Monday, June 29, 2009

A Movie about Women You Must See- Stoning of Soraya

Iranian star of 'Stoning' speaks of her own experiences | Philadelphia Daily News | 06/26/2009 This article highlights one of the stars of the new film "The Stoning of Soraya", a realistic portrayal of brutality that goes on today. The subject should be one that compels people to realize these cultural issues do matter in a society that values human rights. How women and children are treated is the business of society as the culture is determined by the value of the dignity of the human person. The movie also shows moments of the true beauty that is in authentic feminism, which often shines in the ugliest of backdrops--much like the tender stories of the women who showed compassion at the time of the passion of Christ. Go see this movie, The Stoning of Soraya.

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