Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wimpy Foreign Policy--Everything is Relative

Reuters reports on the firing of an Iranian missile. Of note, our new foreign policy tells people we will talk to them if they stop being bullies...we can give them candy and do nice things for them. Of course, we won't talk about uncomfortable subjects like human rights. Never mind that we are putting our national security at great risk like letting extremist crazies like the head of Iran get his hands on missiles that can hurt us. Of course, Hillary is so effective with her lust towards China...that it has done nothing to stop China from plotting against us. We just want to keep doing business with them and having them over to the White House for more speeches, photo opps. and treaties not worth the paper they were written on. This is going to be one embarrassing spectacle and developing danger to watch. I really wish it was just one horrible movie. Sadly, it isn't.

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