Thursday, March 5, 2009

And they say women have vanity issues?

First, it was John Edwards and his mirror and, O'bummer, you can't leave home with out the Telepromter
He sort of reminds me of Ted Baxter, the old news announcer from the Mary Tyler Moore Show. If he weren't a real fact of life in the Oval Office, I could get a morning laugh.
Seems like every morning I turn my TV on between 7-8 AM and there he is, speechifying. What a way to start a day with a bad nightmare. Thank God for Cutey Pie because she is interested in getting me up so she can do her business and get fed. I think that she is proof God provides and does not gives us more than we can handle.
I am still trying to get past the absurd suggestion that the stock market is just another poll of opinion out there. Is that what they are teaching in the Ivy League educational institutions today? What a bunch of useless artificial excrement.

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