Thursday, October 25, 2012

Celebration of Third Orders in San José | Novices


Celebration of Third Orders in San José | Novices

It was good to see this write up about the Dominican Novices and thIMG_1824eir visit to San Jose, because it was a very special day for me.  My son, Tom, is a part of the class and we were able to see him in his robes for the first time since he entered in August.  It was hard leaving him at the door of the Novitiate and having to adjust to the fact another one of the kids has moved on to seek out their future. But seeing him so happy, made it something to rejoice about. 

The greatest thrill was seeing him with his grandmother who taught him his first prayers. So I want to share that picture on the blog. Make sure you visit the novice blog often, as there are very interesting articles to read.

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