Friday, September 21, 2012

Measure D is Bad for San Jose: Especially for Young People. It’s a JOB KILLER.


Articles — Vote No on D

296803_346741278748356_351732288_nTell your friends in Silicon Valley that Measure D is a job killer.  Documented studies show that it is detrimental to the people it is suppose to help because it causes jobs to dry up.  As a mother with kids finishing college and who have finished college, I want my kids employed and realizing their dream of independence.  I could use the rest and time to think about the future.  They need internships and experience opportunities, but this measure exempts no one. 

What are people like Bishop McGrath thinking when they endorse a job killer?  Do they realize they are doing the opposite of the rosy picture they paint about single mothers and the minimum wage?  Are they paying attention to what is going on in the economy?  We need job opportunities, not another noose to cripple them.  Spread the word. Visit the NO ON D website and spread the word.  Remember to spread the word on YES on 32 while you are at it.  You will be doing your part to save jobs in San Jose and the whole State of California.

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