Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Weigel: The Church and the End of the Welfare State | First Things


The Church and the End of the Welfare State | First Things

George Weigel is not always my favorite commentator, but I agree completely with what he states in this article.  In the arena of public policy, it is not about the good people who provide care in a fundamentally flawed system, it is about that flawed system. The Bishops as a group of lobbyists fail to take responsibility in their support of such a system.  That their voice in lobbying for how tax dollars are spent speaks louder over those who put the dollars in the collection box shows a disconnect.  Rather, the Bishops are first and foremost teachers and the direct giver of care with the dollars they have stewardship responsibilities for.  As a private citizens, they have a right to send their personal dollars towards a lobbying approach of their own liking. Their teaching should be reflected in the actions of the Catholic in the pew.  Attacking Paul Ryan for his budget priorities because he is not a liberation theology embracer seems to underscore what is wrong with their approach.  Paul Ryan has boldly tried to change what is harmful in the harmful bureaucracy and bring it back to a responsible approach that will thrive and meet the needs of those who truly qualify for government services.  The Bishops should not be about supporting bad bureaucracy, but about the changes in the hearts of people to work towards a society that respects both solidarity and subsidiarity reflected in healthy economic and social policy.

And here is an example of bad policy pushed by community organizing groups in California, “Sustainability Ideology Invented A Stagnant California Dream”, an excellent article from California Political Review,  that has led to so much bad policy. The Bishops need to examine the bubbles they helped to form with all the do-good programs that are fundamentally flawed.

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