Monday, July 30, 2012

Stephanie Block Continues Excellent Coverage of Catholic Campaign for Human Development and Why You Should Not Support It at the Collection Box

No permanent allies for 'community organizers'
PICO (  is big in our Diocese of San Jose through the cooperation of PACT/PIO (  You can find that PACT is in fact part of the PICO Network.  The Diocese of San Jose fully embraces the idea of a socialistic society with its support of the PICO philosophy and is an excellent Exhibit A for Block’s continuing reports about the Campaign for Human Development.  Too bad the Diocese does not realize that it is discouraging the hands that feed its pet programs, because the cost of business especially in the Silicon Valley is going through the rood. The taxpayer families are expected to pull much more than their weight.
The person in the pew needs to continue to pray for a change of heart in the powers that be in order to form the people in pew with the faith and leave the activism to the laity being properly formed to make the necessary prudential decision without the interference of these very offensive grants.  You can view an excellent discussion regarding such prudential issues and different approaches towards solving them, which is in the arena of civics.
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