Monday, May 14, 2012

Governor Moonbeam Has Overspent and Over Projected Tax Collections in California & He Wants You to Keep Letting Him Do More of the Same!

Moonbeam tells you the bad new and wants you to give him more tax money for the same.
Moonbeam still wants that massive waste of taxpayer money for that high-speed railway which the Huffington Post discussed here. The Legislative Analyst points out “The most recent cost estimate for completion of the first phase of the project is roughly $43 billion.” Now, Moonbeam thinks heavily taxing Californians with incomes of $250,000 or higher is fair as people “earning $250,000 can be millionaires in 4 years if they save their money”. The LAO Report, when it states “the existing governance structure for the project is inadequate for the imminent development and construction stages and the Legislature lacks the good information it needs to make critical multi–billion dollar decisions about the project that it will soon face,” should send up the red flags that all big government programs should provoke because they are always more expensive than promised.
Don’t give him more money for the ballistic spending that makes his “Moonbeam” moniker appropriate when he wants the State to continue increasing its astronomic spending, not to mention its business killing regulations. Vote NO on the tax increases this June.

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