Wednesday, February 8, 2012

V-Monologues at Georgetown University: What Would St. Ignatius Do?

V-Monologues at Georgetown University: What Would St. Ignatius Do?
As a parent who has paid a heap of tuition for Catholic college and university  institutions, this continued story provokes physiological pain.  Why is this kind of trash allowed in our institutions that are suppose to be grooming our modern day Thomas Mores and Gertrude Steins?  Instead, these are the hotbed breeding grounds for the likes of the Nancy Pelosis (Trinity Washington University), Janet Napolitanos (Santa Clara University), and Kathleen Sebilius (Trinity Washington University) characters that fight the Church in places of secular power.  When will we say that we can no longer accept supporting these institutions that allow the intellectual rot of our proud Catholic tradition.  Isn’t it time for the Bishops to take away their standing and give it to schools that deserve it?
The current situation with the conscience protections being obliterated, marriage being obliterated with same sex unions and the total disregard for parental rights in public schools, especially in California, demands a new approach with in the Catholic community.  A first step could be for the Bishops to stop giving graduates of these institutions any preferential treatment in hiring or scholarship over those who strive to live what the Church teaches.  They need to figure out how to teach the Catholics at large in the pews about the proper role of the Church in a society  and the importance of laws that respect that role.  They need to get serious about lay movements that help the people in the pew to form themselves and be effective in the wider world to defend the Gospel and advance it. They need to name names of those in academia teaching heresy within their own diocese.  The need to step away from the liberation theology that advances a utopian view that only can lead to totalitarianism and they need to support a system of laws that are fair, but do not carve out breaks that only serve to create factions that divide the people against the common good.  They need to be closer to the people and less corporate with themselves.Their primary role needs to be that of teacher, because there are so many false teachers in the world.  The average Joe and Joanne are not getting this and have to rely on what is available in the secular world to figure it out in the absence many times of a Catholic mindset.  The laity deserves better in order for the society to get better.

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