Monday, February 6, 2012

The Truth About Falsely Accused Priests: Catholic World Report


The Truth About Falsely Accused Priests: Catholic World Report

A Good Look at the Abuse Scandal Today With the Achievements and Challenges

This is a good article to read if the reader wants to be an informed Catholic in the pew.  The Church must see to the needs of the abused and the falsely accused and it needs to be the institution that says yes, we must protect children from a culture that overly and improperly sexualizes them and robs them of their innocence.

Perhaps in all this, those that have wanted to use this to bring the Church down have unintentionally helped parents to understand that our public, private and religious institutions must all have safeguards in place like the Church has employed to protect children.

In the Los Angeles Unified School District there is a particularly horrendous scandal of pedophilia in the news  that underscores the need for such controls the Catholic Bishops have put in place.  In a large society, one huge institution should not be the politically correct place to highlight a societal problem, it should be the place that society sees as a warning to itself at large, to clear up the problem, see where else it may exist in similar types of settings and put the sunshine measures in place that will prevent the problem or promote early detection.

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