Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Amen! The Discordant Tone of Many of the Sunday Prayers for the Faithful Need Reconsidering!


From The Catholic Thing Thursday, 11 August 2011

Can We Stop Telling God What To Do? By Randall Smith

This blog note by Randall Smith is well put and should be shared with your favorite liturgy committee.  Many times I find myself starting to reply” “Lord hear…” wait a second, what did they just say?”  I ask is this a re-education, or community action item or announcement, or is it truly an intercessory petition for people who are struggling and need the strength to follow the will of God, even in great adversity. Isn’t this a time to ask for help in seeking a strengthening in the necessary use of virtues through the grace of God for self and neighbors?

Sometimes, I think a simple Our Father would have been the better path if the temptation to misuse the Intentions of the Faithful is just too great.  After all, isn’t this really a time where it should be apparent that we are applying the principles of the Our Father to the particulars of life?

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