Thursday, July 7, 2011

“Come Home” versus “Catholics Come Home”?

Be right backOK, call it the cynic in me…

Catholic Communications Campaign | Diocese of San Jose

I am a great fan of the initiatives of the  Catholics Come Home Campaign and have actually contributed to them.  I love the business card they will send you for a donation that you can put in your purse, in order to hand it to an interested person. They also have wonderful videos like this one called EPIC

So, I really had to laugh at this:

“The Diocesan Office of Communications help spread the Good News and invite Catholics to "Come Home" by providing the following services:”

It then shows a link to the brochure for their Catholic Communications Campaign you can view here

One would really hope that a person doing a search for the “Catholics Come Home” would not be directed to a page soliciting funds for paying for a multimedia campaign as that may discourage them from continuing on to get answers to their questions or finding the welcome home message they are seeking.

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