Thursday, December 9, 2010

On Motherhood, Prayers and Doors


For the past week and a half, I find myself trying to be in 4 continents, if not physically, cyber wise.  Why would I try such a thing, you may ask? IMAG0116Because I am a mother of four grown children, now actively working on their futures including a daughter who is planning her wedding in So. Africa while living in England with needs from India, a son working on a two-for-one graduate degree not living at home and two daughters (one needed next semester’s tuition paid via a phone call with the credit card number) back at home going to school and minding the dogs.  (of course, the puppy has developed an unexplained twitch as we were going out the door).  Oh, I forgot, I am in Bangalore, India with a house full of plumbing people at our flat.  We came to get my mother in law’s house back up to standard (more plumbing and roofing).  She is doing much better after a severe scare of COPD, living in a home run by the Holy Spirit Sisters.  She has the gift of new eyesight after getting cataract surgery in both eyes last week after we arrived.

So when something happens to one of the kids where the circumstance does not look good, I find I can only turn to the one direction that makes sense.  I asked Our Lady of Good Help and Saint Anthony to take care of my child with the tenderness they took care with the baby Jesus.  I was frank and said I needed the miracle.  Meanwhile, I walked into the kitchen and found I had a green door instead of the green cupboard (which was also a surprise) as the painter did not understand his boss’s direction.  Thank God for cell phones I trianIMAG0117gulated the situation between my husband, myself and the Tamil speaking plumber. Then,  I went back to my computer and found that my prayer was answered beyond expectation quickly, and my child not only was given credit, but full credit for the class assignment.  As I walked back into the kitchen, I decided the green door wasn’t so bad after all, as it would be a reminder of my little miracle today and the gift of answered prayer from Our Lady and St. Anthony and my joy of being known as Mom, even in this situation of forced detachment.

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