Monday, October 11, 2010

UC Physicist: Global Warming A Fraud | CalWatchDog

 UC Physicist: Global Warming A Fraud | CalWatchDogclimate change

This blog post refers to a letter from a credible scientist resigning from a professional society of physicists. He outlines the process where an atmosphere is created to portray an atmosphere of consensus where no consensus exists.  When will our educational and professional institutions begin to say no to this type of political organizing in the world of scientific inquiry?  For instance,  when will the USCCB will start to defend honest science and come out and condemn the faulty science and the suppression of scientists who have tried to spread the truth of the situation.  They make the Galileo situation look like chump change.

How can they seriously push the Catholic Coalition on Climate Change with contributions from the pew knowing the controversy demands study and honest answers.  Our local diocese is totally committed and that leaves this Catholic in the pew crying foul. Saving the process of truthful inquiry in science is far more important in advancing the cooperation of faith and reason rather than taking sides in a shaky theory that has been a product of less than honest inquiry and questionable models.

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