Thursday, September 23, 2010

Start thinking about the November Ballot Issues Now!

2010 Initiative Guide | Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association: "2010 Initiative Guide
Start now understanding the issues.  Most importantly I am voting the following way to ensure my taxpayer rights:
State Ballot Measures
YES Prop. 20 - Extends reform of Congressional redistricting
NO  Prop. 21 - Increases car tax
YES  Prop. 22 - Protects local government funds
YES  Prop. 23 - Protects jobs
NO BUT EVERYONE NEEDS A TAX BREAK Prop 24 - Cancels business tax breaks.  If passed, Prop. 24 would cancel a tax break for business that was passed as part of last years
budget deal that raised taxes on everyone else. California is a high-tax state.
NO Prop. 25 - Repeals the 2/3 majority for state budget-This is your last effort in stopping greedy politicians from putting our state into more debt because they think our wallets belong to them and they deserve to raise our taxes without a fight.  DO YOU WANT TO SEE MORE BILLS PASSED THAT ARE NOT READ?  WE NEED SPENDING LIMITS!
YES  Prop. 26 - Plugs Prop. 13 loophole, fees are a loophole for taxpayer protections and they find new ones all the time.  We deserve to vote on taxes in California.
NO   Prop. 27 - Returns power of redistricting to politicians.  Politicians should not gerrymander communities to diminish your voice and keep career politicians entrenched in office.

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