Sunday, September 5, 2010

Inception: Experiencing a Nonsense Dream Contraption

Today was a day "to take in a movie" as the saying goes. It was decided Inception was the movie to see. After the first fifteen minutes, I was ready to be back at home in my wonderfully sinking black leather sofa with a blanket pulled up over me, so that I could lapse into a wonderful dozy Sunday afternoon nap. Unfortunately, I was in a movie theater. The movie was a series of dream concepts with a background of mazes in backgrounds and computer generated graphics. It lacked a cohesive story. It will surely be one of those memories that a vague memory of the name and no memory of a plot will come to mind in the near future.

I like a story with a moral and a resolution. After all, that concept mirrors life. First, you start with some sense of well-being, then life happens and the challenge is to figure out how to get things right again. That usually involves recognizing where a mess up has happened usually in the person with the dilemma, and then how to resolve the situation and make things right again which brings on the sigh of relief with the resolutions and plans succeeding. Hopefully, the good person gets to fade into a happily ever after for the time being as the final scene fades away. Of course, the tragic ending is acceptable at times but with some sense of a reward in the next life for the good guy. Those are the stories we can walk away with putting ourselves into the plot and dissecting how we would have done things differently or how we admire what a character did. The story lives on in our mind for a while, because it is memorable.

As for today, we walked out of the theatre and said to ourselves…Oh well. What's for dinner?

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