Monday, June 21, 2010

Iran issues warning to 62,000 'badly veiled' women

Iran issues warning to 62,000 'badly veiled' women
This is not the kind of society I would want to live in. Yet fools think that we can have Islamic law operating side by side with governments such as we have in America. There can be no true freedom in the exercise of religion in a society that tolerates the mistreatment of women, and just because some women choose to go along with it because of fear or ignorance of what happens to other women in their society does not mean we in the free world should not oppose this. Shame on people who will go along with such a notion, because they are encouraging a lie. Islam is not compatible with Christianity. WE can talk from points of agreement, but we can not agree that they are compatible. Here is an excellent article that is an interview with a woman who was a victim of Sharia law. FrontPage Magazine - Escaping Sharia: "Escaping Sharia By: Jamie Glazov | Monday, March 31, 2008"
And just in case you think this can never happen in America and that the society would never sanction this violence against women, then you should read No reason to be tolerant of female genital mutilation - The Globe and Mail: . The price of liberty is eternal vigilence as a founding father once pointed out.

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