Thursday, May 6, 2010

Regarding Parental Rights, Sex Education and Moral Relativism - Interview with Mr. Paul E. Rondeau - Researcher on Crucial Policy Concerns in Present Day Culture
The interview in this article is well worth the read and a concise answer to the question "how did we get here?" But the reader needs to go forward. I discovered Mr. Paul E. Rondeau on EWTN's Abundant Life show. I had read about these approaches over the years in researching school choice, the push to put the homosexual agenda in education and the Saul Alinsky approaches. Having a background in nursing and not marketing, the ability to address how these agendas were being promoted was strained. Mr. Rondeau is a successful marketing professional who now devotes his time to educating others. A good summary of what was said in the Abundant Life show is found in the article entitled: Political Correctness: How They Market Homosexuality by Rev. Val J. Peter Of note:
Political correctness has to do with movements that set a new social standard to be imposed on others by an elite group. What makes it a scourge is that it insists on forced conformity for the sake of conformity.

Before reading the article, I would direct the reader to this quote of the penultimate paragraph of the essay as it could be a shock to discover the information for the first time:
After reading this, some may feel duped and manipulated because you are intentionally conditioned to arrive at conclusions you believe, up until now, were really your own. If that is the case, remember the advice of Bernard Lonergan. The remedy for being duped for mistaken believing is not to give up on believing, but to develop better controls over it.
You can read Mr. Rondeau's research paper entitled Selling Homosexuality to America here.

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