Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pat Michaels of George Mason University Summarizes Climate Gate Data

Here is an up-to-date review of the climate gate scandal by Pat Michaels that was a presentation for a congressional review hearing. Good place to bookmark and share. 
So what to glean from this presentation:
1.  Scientific reveiw is missing as a concrete requirement in the Algore side of the world.
2.  Science not grounded in truth and integrity of the scientific method is stealing from the common good.  It is abusive for anyone in a position of power and influence to insist people undergo hardship for themselves and their families on programs that do not demonstrate an undeniable good.  Such programs deny people opportunities to make prudential decisions that they best can make for themselves and are not serving the needs of social justice.
3. Organizations like the USCCB should be issuing statements reminding people to be truthful in their professions.  They should not be forming coalitions such as their climate change coalition based on misleading and bad science that promotes political agendas and hardships to families and communities instead of the truth.  Listening to bad science such as science promoted by the psychologists in the 70's who said people who abuse children could be cured and rehabilitated leads to more societal harm.  They need to recharge our Catholic universities to start dealing with a truthful approach to all these issues and a dusting off of the scientific method with bright scientific review.  Our society needs to lobby for more truth, not more government take over of the liberty of the human person to determine what is right and to do just that.

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