Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Alinsky loving groups are not going away anytime soon.

The Social Action Summer Institute Program Peacebuilding for the 21st Century will feature our local bishop.  Sadly, it appears to be yet another booster shot to the community organizing bug for political action and lobbying....including CCHD, PICO, and Catholic Charities.  Nice to know our diocese will be paying for the social.
Instead of building a new world order or utopia, it would be nice to see Catholics building an army of the New Evangelization to catechise poorly catechised Catholics and new Catholics.  For all the outreach programs for immigrants, why aren't our Catholic Churches in California overflowing with Catholics in the pew?  Why aren't our CCD (don't correct my reference...that is how we all know what to call them and the name works) programs operating morning, noon and night?  Why aren't they the best financed programs of the dioceses and parishes?  Where are our priorities?  Are we existing to be a huge lobbying program for more collectivist programs or are we here to propogate the faith to any and all who are interested.  Why are we still trying to push the 70's model that seems to lead people to the impression that you just have to be a nice person instead of a believing person who demonstrates it in every conscious act?  Why do our parishes and their schools worry about being too Catholic as if that is a bad thing?  Wouldn't it be nice if PACT actually stood for People Attending Church Today and lobbied for more people to attend daily Mass or People Attending Confession Today to encourage more Catholic to grow stronger in the faith through the Sacrament of Reconciliation?  Just think how that would recharge the community spirit when the faith would flourish when people would again "grow where they are planted".  "Oh, but that is too Pollyanna, that would never work," is the suspected response we would get from the community organizers.  No, they by their actions say we need the action of the state to get that kind of response.  One would suspect that they thing Rome and its faithful with their clarion call for the New Evangelization are well-meaning, but naive.  One would suppose that is how the wider society felt about the Apostles in the newly born Church.  Bring on the New Evangelization movements.  We need them.

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