Thursday, February 4, 2010

I had a discussion with someone saying selling green products could be a great fundraiser. But I asked myself, do they really work?

Do green kitchen cleaners really work? - By Nina Shen Rastogi - Slate Magazine The science in my background makes me a natural skeptic especially when it comes to germ control in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry. That is my first line of infection control in keeping the family healthy. So every once in a while I check about the products I am using. I am not a closed minded person towards new, impoved and safe (I like people in general (kids, grandparents, and what can be their frail considerations) and my pet dogs and birds in the yard. I had to replace my washer with a HE model and I am not convinced. It does an OK job, but I would prefer a tad bit more water and the use of powder detergents with Oxyclean (hard to figure out how to really add them).
Here are some more links I came up with:
Do green cleaners really work? by Patricia Mayville-Cox
Which Eco Cleansers Work? By Armin Brott  Note in the reviews the need for second applications and elbow grease--leaves me wondering
Seven green products that really work  I use some of these cleaners occasionally.
My favorite all purpose household product that is environmentally safe and that I have used for years is Simple Green.  I keep a bottle around diluted 1 part Simple Green to 8 parts water.  It is a great stain remover for pretreatment and general all-purpose cleaner...very affordable.  I still use good old Comet for my sinks and toilets--I don't take chances with Salmonella or staph.

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