Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Delaware pediatrician charged with multiple child rapes

Delaware pediatrician charged with multiple child rapes: "A grand jury indictment unsealed on Monday by Delaware's Attorney General's office charges Earl Bradley with sexually assaulting and molesting 102 girls and one boy in the years since 1998."

This is an excellent example why a parent should never step out of the room while their child or adolescent is examined. That became standard practice in the 90's where parents were pressured to leave the room while the physcian talked to their children about sex. Bad idea to do so even though you trust your kid or the doctor. Avoid the near occasion of sin is a good suggestion and prudent behavior.

Here is one such article encouraging this: http://wcbstv.com/topstories/tweens.physicians.doctors.2.1150206.html
How can parents do this? Do they know what the physicians personal values are and how they feel about abortion? Are they going to tell them all the facts and show them pictures of diseases that come from have sex with multiple people? Are they going to educate about the post traumatic syndrome people suffer years later? Are they going to tell them about breast cancer? Are they going to tell them they will be there to treat them for the sexually transmitted diseases? Are they going to tell the child that they need to worry about the state of their soul? Do they tell their own children the truth? If they say they leave it to another MD, then why are they talking to your child?

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