Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Naughty, Stupid and Ignorant Thing the American Electorate Has Done

Mark Steyn has a lot to say in his piece entitled: But We’re Still Gonna Kill You

Isolated extremists? This “war” is about the intersection of Islam and the West.
 Sometimes, the only prudent thing to do when people are acting juvenile is to give them enough rope to hang themselves.  We are engaged in this war, because we listened to watermelons (you know the environmentalists that are green on the outside and red on the inside) and we have allowed ourselves to not be energy independant.  We can  run our economy by conserving....we need fuel to conserve and besides, the prudent business person is always interested in doing things more efficiently to cut costs.  Every time a new source of energy comes along, it appears the left tries to find a cooked up idea that sounds good to the MTV and Mike Wallace crowd to put it off limits.  So now the rope.  They are hanging themselves in massive debt, high unemployment, proposing a disasterous healthcare bill after injecting themselves into the auto and financial sectors of the economy, and they are now bungling prosecutions of combatants that should be tried in military tribunals only to send them back in the end to be rehabilitated terrorists ready to get a second chance at those virgins.  Perhaps we will be able to tell the whole lot of them to go sit down, we have had quite enough and we can get back to building America back up.  I am praying we as a country have wised up come this November.

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