Thursday, December 10, 2009

The real inconvenient truth

The real inconvenient truth: "The real inconvenient truth
The whole world needs to adopt China's one-child policy
Diane Francis, Financial Post
Published: Tuesday, December 08, 2009"

Such a pity not knowing about the goodness of God and believing you must play the role....the culture of death brings nothing more than more suggestions for more death...guess you would call that a downward spiral. When will we start to see our quest should be to identify a need and seek a way to meet it where life is embraced and the common good is not seen as a redistribution of resources we restrict by artificial constraints? I am so tired of this mixed up notion of sustainability. As Charles Krauthammer once wrote:
Environmentalists are Gaia's priests, instructing us in her proper service and casting out those who refuse to genuflect. (See Newsweek above.) And having proclaimed the ultimate commandment -- carbon chastity -- they are preparing the supporting canonical legislation that will tell you how much you can travel, what kind of light you will read by, and at what temperature you may set your bedroom thermostat.
(From Carbon Chastity, 5/29/2008,
Readers may find this web page, , very interesting as it lays out history of the current environmental movement with many links to the movers and shakers. It is always nice to figure out where they are heading so that when it happens, you are not shocked, but prepared. You can spend a lot of time at this web page, so set a timer!

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