Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Reaction to the Manhatten Statement

San Francisco Bay Times: "The New GLBT Pope Problem" Thankfully, the Manhatten Declaration is bringing the bright line of Truth to the public square. The political scene is where the influences of culture, values, economics, virture and religion are played out in public policy. It is where the consensus of those who wield power and influence realize the effectiveness of their rhetoric and rallying of grassroot sentiment. Every election event should be a bloodless, but hard fought battle because it leads to a healthy pruning. When one side attempts to shut another side out from a truthful argument, the society as a whole suffers. Yes, we must cooperate where we can to alleviate suffering, but we must also be willing to march into the war of rhetoric seeking out the truth and declaring it boldly. Our approach is for the greater good, which is not the equivalent of the lesser evil.

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