Thursday, December 10, 2009

Network bias provides alternative - Opinion

Network bias provides alternative - Opinion
While one could argue that there is more news on Fox--the stuff that would not get out if it were not discussed on Fox, I have to at least give a thumbs up for the University of Santa Clara student for now dismissing it outright and encouraging others to be more open to listening once in a while to Fox.
The problem with news anywhere is that it seldom presents news with the facts and pictures, rather it is presented after the editorial feat of deciding what is best for the public to know. That is why when listening to a station like Fox, the guests actually have an opportunity to go beyond that editorial decision within the constraints of the allotted time. It does give the discerning viewer a chance to see what is the flavor of the day of the spin cycle All said, Timor Brik deserves a thumbs up.

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