Friday, November 13, 2009

Take the Example of George Bush-Going against your primary beliefs for a quick fix can be devastating!

Bush warns of threats to freedom, economic growth - Washington Times:
"'I believe in the power of the free enterprise system, which made the decision I faced last fall one of the most difficult of my presidency. I went against my free market instincts and approved a temporary government intervention to unfreeze credit and prevent a global financial catastrophe,' he said."

It was his own party that said this was a mistake (of course, we had that poor excuse for a presidential candidate who did not want to be associated with the party faithful), but now we have to deal with the weakened position in the debate that George Bush started it and it was his economy. Nobody points out that the unemployment level was never as high as it is now under Bush. Bush owes a lot of us an apology (as does McCain), but that won't be coming along too soon.

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