Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Looking at the Possible Consequences of Nationalized Health Care and the Demise of Liberty in a Civil Society

In arguing against assisted suicide on a post to my friend's page (Cmc Sand), I made some points that I think people should ponder in their enthusiasm for a government plan controlling health (sick) care. We will give physicians (really acting as an agent of the state who is coerced by the need to be reimbursed and not prosecuted for the flavor of the week fraud) the power of coercion, or as one of the conversation participants put it, the "asymmetry of power". Take assisted suicide as an example. All the more reason society should insist on clear cut informed consent---and in this case how the physician views life---this definitely ... begs the need for conscience clauses and the patient's right not to be restricted from physicians who do not hold euthanasia as morally correct. Saying something that is innately good when one can argue that it is innately evil presents a quandary in that "asymmetry of power".
Makes one wonder also if government encourages this, can't it also put restrictions on when this can be done, for example, only after all debts are paid, or if a tax is paid for the access. What about the person angry with the world goes the eat, drink and be merry-spends the bank, leaves a ton of debt and then exits--all a part of a grand scheme of suicide? Are we going to have to audit MD's (the state's agent) to make sure no under the table stuff is being done?
I would not excuse these situations lightly as we know what mankind can do to others like the people willing to participate in suicide bombings. They are assisted by others in what they consider a noble act, even though it would be argued it is on a different scale, but I wouldn't say so, as it is acceptable in some societies.
Saying we can fight these new issues that are a result of a far reaching legislation by the process of legislation is absurd. We are opening the door for lawyers and politicians to practice more of their deceiving crafts that could foster a great societal despair. That is evil in the making.
We have seen in just under a year, the ongoing disordering of the market system that has been things that the anarchist chant cries out for. Now, onto healthcare. It is so easy to destroy, as a child does in a temper tantrum, but, somethings can not be fixed or brought back to their original state. Sometimes, the object must be thrown out and replaced. That is no guarentee that the replacement will be better. Our young adults, who have been schooled in the fantasy land of the anarchist are now suffering a severe unemployment situation (news stories saying 54 % in the 17-25 year old age groups) and it has been perpetrated by their own leaders-progressive, elitist and liberal politicians with the college professor cheering squad and the social justice mob building agitators such as ACORN.
Perhaps the good out of all of this will be for our young adult generation to discover that maybe they should reassess the situation and figure out why their parents were employed and they are not at this point of their lives. Perhaps, they will finally come to clean out the halls of poison ivy. Let us hope that we don't make the halls of hospitals more walls of poison ivy to be cleared.

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