Friday, July 10, 2009

Peggy-Who-the-Heck-Are-You-Noonan Shows Her East Coast Elitism

A Farewell to Harms -

What is Peggy Noonan's problem, once again the question is asked. Give me a break, we have a community organizer in the White House. Peggy is just a good prose writer, but how that makes her a good judge of what is best for us, I don't know. Ronald Reagan would be proud that a Westerner was stepping up and talking about the America where people get up and are motivated to do good for their families and community. Palin has school age children, a child with special needs, a son in the military, a husband who does dangerous work. Yet she manages to portray that "feminine genius" that John Paul II talkes about. Noonan is having a hard time with that aspect. She would have a hard time with a lot of woman who would not make the mark at the local cocktail party of the elite. She lacks charity in her attack on Sarah Palin. Frankly, it is very ugly and unattractive. Hey Peggy, Sarah has stepped up run for offices and won. Why don't you do the same and demonstrate what it is you don't think we are grasping in the situation.

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