Tuesday, July 21, 2009

EWTN.com - Pro-Life Credibility of a "Common Ground" Congressman Questioned

EWTN.com - Pro-Life Credibility of "Common Ground" Congressman Questioned

Seems to me that those Democrats who think it is only enough to cast a vote and say they are personally against abortion don't realize they have a responsibility to put some teeth into it by becoming active in their local central committees demanding a place for the prolife position. They need politicians that would fall on the sword for the prolife issue. Of Course, they would be shocked by what they would find in the party structure. The moderate position is the clueless position. It does not change anything except the need for useful idiots in the march towards serfdom. We are in the middle of an epic battle-those who think the lessor evil is equivalent to the greater good and that through politics (not adhering to principals) we can find a gentle solution.

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