Sunday, July 26, 2009

Diocese of San Jose, Catholic Coalition of Climate Change and NRPE

After reading Bishop McGrath's letter ( the following:
The Diocese of San Jose in partnership with Catholic Charities, Santa Clara University and the Presentation Retreat and Conference Center has formed the Catholic Green Initiative of Santa Clara County. In this effort, we will identify and encourage "green initiatives" here in our own valley of St. Clare and we will ask all Catholics of Santa Clara County to make a difference in an organized sustainable way.

one is very interested in understanding just who is the Catholic Coalition on Climate Change and who are they connected with. The word coalition can be very scary as it usually means some sort of community organizing that will be used to lobby lawmakers giving them cover or making them intimidated by the notion that it is incredibly big and influential. Naturally, one should be alarmed if the mere fact they attend mass and belong to a parish, they would be represented to signing onto some sort of campaign. Naturally, California Catholics have just passed through a very difficult time with the issue of Prop. 8 and many were appalled at the control of how the message supporting Prop. 8 was managed, and thus would expect the same amount of prudence shown with regard to controversial issues such as climate change and government takeover of health care and insurance.
Catholics should really explore the funder of the Catholic Coalition of Climate Change and realize that the coalition partners are not on the same page as the Catholic Church regarding population control. They definitely are not in line with the newest encyclical of Pope Benedict XVI Caritas in Veritate
So is it the plan that our catechism classes will remind us we should confess to using plastic instead of cloth?
Just in case you want to hear why the science on global warming is not firmly there read this report from the Marshall C. Marshall Institute.

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