Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Therapist and Clergy Unite! Both Want to Sell You on Environmentalism

From the article   APA Wants to Greenwash Brains by Paul Chesser, Climate Strategies Watch
News stories that provided a balanced view of climate change reduced people's beliefs that humans are at fault and also reduced the number of people who thought climate change would be bad, according to research by Stanford social psychologist Jon Krosnick.
Mr. Cheshire points out that people can obviously think for themselves, but that some  psychologists want to get into the act of changing how people think about global warming.  When a psychologist wants in, I think it can be labeled as brainwashing (could it get as bad as the torturous act of waterboarding?).

Meanwhile our local diocese wants us to examine our conscience about the state of our environment in California while other issues such as the life issue, the state of our public education where students learn values that oppose what is taught in the home, the moral decay of the society among other issues don't get the same intensity of attention.  The article in America Magazine Green Initiatives in the Diocese of San Jose highlights the attention to the program. 
The diocese recently announced a new program called the Catholic Green Initiative of Santa Clara County to encourage area Catholics to conserve water and energy, to become more educated about conservation efforts and environmentally friendly practices for the home and workplace and to collaborate on a unified “green vision” for the diocese.
This blogger is certainly surprised that "the impetus for the initiative originally came from grass-roots efforts in local parishes to increase awareness of environmental concerns" as the article states.  Most people I know are more interested in emphasis at all levels about education in the faith and inviting more people in to learn what the Church teaches about the faith, morals and the call to be saints.  Catholic Radio is certainly appreciated  and a recently welcomed occurence in San Jose.

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