Saturday, April 4, 2009

Talking about differences between men and women...

This article is very interesting.  Coming from the premise that business people make decisions based on business experience and motivated by the need to appeal to the broadest part of the market that will purchase, one must think that decisions in product are not lackadaisical.  Hence, this article brings an idea that spawns a reaction in anyone engaged in the popular culture. 
Facing a listener backlash over changes to the BBC 6 Music digital radio rock station, Lesley Douglas argued that its output had marginalised female listeners. Ms Douglas, who coordinates the BBC’s coverage of popular music across radio and televi-sion, said that men responded to music on an intellectual level, whereas female listeners had a more emotional reaction to songs and were not interested in track listings and production techniques.
I found the article interesting and the readers' comments musing as they demonstrate this could be a great conversation starter in lieu of dangerous subjects such as politics, religion etc.  However, to discuss such a subject, this may lead to a discussion of politics, religion etc.

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