Friday, March 20, 2009

Coveting Our Neighbors' Goods

I took the picture that is posted here in Bangalore. The workers were placing the cement one bowl at a time to build a modern building. Without those who will go into business, the economy will contract and capitol will not be there for all to be other professionals. Get a gander of the ideal life without any large corporations who can build the equipment that can save people's backs and produce more higher skilled jobs for people.

As usual, the WSJ's editorial page presents another excellent lesson in economics. As Daniel Henninger points out in The Obama Rosetta Stone :
The White House says its goal is simple "fairness." That may be, as they understand fairness. But Figure 9 makes it clear that for the top earners, there will be blood. This presidency is going to be an act of retribution. In the words of the third book from Mr. Obama, "it is our duty to change it."

Oh Bummer, our country is enduring the biggest sham of a campaign to reinforce the liberation theology of an outcome of equality for all versus the outcome of opportunities for all. Liberation theology uses envy, anger and hatred towards another to justify the unjust treatment of the selected group out of favor in order to create a new serfdom for all. Yes, we are on a road to serfdom, a self-inflicted wound. "The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

Of course, since the flavor of the week is to hate banks rather than admit that the community organizers, politicians and yes, a politically correct business community (probably out of a self-preservation motive, all forced the community reinvestment sham on us to lend to those who did not have business owning in the first place, I think it is a good time to point out that our local liberation theology bandwagon known as PACT has their own program to slam banks...Check out their website PACT funded with ADA money. Remember to never let a good crisis go unused, a motto of the current administration.

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