Sunday, February 22, 2009

In Hiatus with regard to the California Republican Party:  My thoughts on a Meg Whitman Candidacy:  

 I think Whitman’s problem is first and foremost mainstream women.  Sarah Palin is one of us.  She gets the importance of the life issue, what the women’s movement is really about.  She is authentic.  I don’t want a politician that  can’t understand that it is not natural to flush a child, any child down a sink for any reason.  I don’t want the scars of abortion to go unnoticed and we want our future generation preserved from genocide. We need smaller government that supports the family and does not fight it.  I need a free market back in California.  The California University and College system needs to be restored to excellent educational institutions and not propaganda centers. Give people back their own money and let them fund the things they feel are important.  Get candidates that can speak a well-thought sentence.   The Democrat party, as it stands now, is the party of tax cheats, abortion supporters and those that lobby for programs that will further exploit our daughters in the misguided sexual revolution that has only brought more venereal disease, depression, low self-esteem, single parent homes and un-natural family situations.  Meg Whitman is not comfortable with any of these issues.  She will not be much different from what we now have in office.  She will want them off the table.  By the way, the party should stop telling us what women think.  I am a  woman and I know what I think!

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